Stefanie Juricevic
Stefanie Juricevic

Stefanie Juricevic

Customer Support

“We work hard to make INNES feel like a familiar and welcoming place to learn and succeed.”

Hallo, I’m Steffi and I work in the INNES office. You’ve probably seen me around the institute because I’m there when courses start and when help is needed in the office.

I’ve always loved languages and I was raised trilingual, so working in an international environment like INNES is perfect for me. An especially pleasant aspect of my job is the calm and comforting atmosphere in the institute. We work hard to make INNES feel like a familiar and welcoming place to learn and succeed. I also have to give credit to my delightful colleagues who make my job even more enjoyable. We all share the same values of being patient with each other and our clients, and of course we always treat everyone with respect.

If you’re here in Vienna during spring, don’t forget to put the Setagaya Park on your list of places to visit. It’s a beautiful and tranquil Japanese garden in the 19th district. Even though it’s most beautiful during spring with all the cherry blossoms, autumn and summer are also good months to visit it for all the different colours and plant varieties. Look out for turtles in the ponds!

In my spare time I enjoy being artsy, going to concert, and playing DnD (Dungeons and Dragons). And my favourite Viennese word is, of course, ‘oida’. You can use it in any context to express a range of emotions; it’s very versatile.

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How do I know my language level? What if I choose the wrong level?

Don’t worry, we’re always here to help! When you sign up and pay for the course, you’ll receive our Placement Test.

Alternatively, you can complete the Placement Test here before booking your course, just to be on the safe side.

You can also message us directly before signing up and we’ll help you determine your level.

Do you have loyalty programs and discounts? Of course, we do! You can save money when signing up for multiple courses at once or by referring a friend. Find out more about our discounts here.
Can you write me an invitation letter to the embassy? Yes, we can. You can read more on how we can help you out with your visa here.

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