Judyta Dyrcz
Judyta Dyrcz

Judyta Dyrcz

“It is all about respect and working together.”

Hi, I’m Judyta. I started tutoring at my school when I was 15 years old and I loved everything about it, so becoming a teacher was always on my list of potential career paths. For my master’s degree in Translation, I specialized in Conference Interpreting, choosing four working languages: English, French, Polish and German. I’ve always been passionate about languages and helping others improve their language skills. That’s why I was really excited about my first job as a German teacher in 2019, and I taught my first class at INNES in March 2022.

What I enjoy most about teaching German? That’s easy – speaking about the German language all the time! I think that that is what’s important when teaching a language: being passionate about it.

In my opinion, it’s essential that students and their teachers see themselves as a team. We work together to overcome obstacles while learning, to find individual approaches that work, and to celebrate small successes and big milestones. It is all about respect and working together.

What inspires me is seeing my students improve. I really enjoy seeing them develop their German skills and feeling more and more confident about the language. It’s wonderful to share different life experiences and cultural traditions with people from different countries and cultures.

I value the flexibility I have when teaching at INNES because the institute offers classes at different times during the day. I also appreciate that the school trusts me and my competencies. It’s just me who is responsible for my class, so I can adapt the lessons to the personal needs of my students.

I always tell my students to go to ‘Tichy’, an ice cream parlour in the 10th district. It’s a family-run parlour founded in 1952 and I think they sell the best ice cream in the world. They are famous for their patented ‘Eismarillenknödel’.

My favourite German word is ‘umfahren’. Depending on how you pronounce it, it can either mean ‘to go round’ or ‘to knock something down’. Therefore, saying ‘Ich will den Baum umfahren’ can mean two very different things: ‘I want to go round the tree’, or ‘I want to knock down the tree’.

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