Sandra Dahl
Sandra Dahl

Sandra Dahl

“Learning a new language is hard, but it’s worth it.”

Hello there. I’m Sandra, and I’ve been teaching German at INNES since October 2022.

At university, I studied translation for English and German. However, it was trying to understand the Viennese dialect and finding funny similarities and opposites to ‘Hochdeutsch’ with my German friends that made me consider a career in teaching. I enjoy working with people and being able to share education. Teachers can also make mistakes sometimes, but we learn from our students every day. It’s a challenge, but the good kind of challenge.

When I’m in the classroom, it’s important to reach common ground between the students and myself as the teacher; to work with them instead of ‘for’ an institute. Each student and each class has individual needs that can sometimes not be met with just books and guidelines alone. Every day, I learn something new about myself, others, and the world around me, which is very uplifting. What makes INNES unique, and why I like teaching here so much, is that INNES focuses on important aspects such as gender inclusivity, diversity, the environment, and the wellbeing of everyone before having profit in mind.

I have lots of favourite spots in Vienna, but in summer in particular I love the Krapfenwaldbad. It’s an outdoor swimming pool in the hills of Vienna with incredible views. You can reach it by public transit with the city ticket.

As for my favourite Viennese phrase… Probably ‘Passt scho’ (‘Passt schon’). It has a multitude of translations, such as ‘it’s all good’, ‘never mind’, or ‘no problem’.

I do have some parting words of wisdom for all students. Even though I was born and raised in Germany and German is my native language, I myself often struggle understanding certain dialects and get overwhelmed. Don’t get discouraged; learning a new language is hard, but it’s worth it so keep up the good work!

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