Claus Wenzl
Claus Wenzl

Claus Wenzl

IT Consulting and Support

“We’ve created a very good and harmonious work atmosphere.”

Got an IT problem? I’m the man INNES staff call when their emails aren’t working, or they need help with the booking system. My name is Claus, and I’m responsible for IT consulting and support at INNES.

Not to sound like a broken record, but I can truly say that my favourite part of working at INNES are my fantastic colleagues. We’ve created a very good and harmonious work atmosphere, which makes it fun to go to work because we have such good relationships. We can all have a laugh about whatever IT issues arise and then get back to being productive.

I think my favourite German word has to be ‘Oachkatlschoaf’ – it translates to ‘squirrel tail’ and is great fun to say – try it yourself!

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