Tatyana Semko

Tatyana Semko

“We learn better when we are motivated and inspired.”

Hello! My name is Tatyana and I’ve been a German teacher for eight years. I also used to teach English and Russian. I actually have a bachelor’s degree in English studies and I initially wanted to become an interpreter. But then I joined a local school and started teaching because they urgently needed a teacher. The experience was so fulfilling that I stayed on for longer. I moved to Austria when I was 25, intending to move to Norway after learning German. But once I had learned German, I liked it here so much that I decided to stay and study in Vienna.

I studied Translation and Interpretation at the University of Vienna, as well as the Waldorf Teaching Method. I also used to teach at a Waldorf School here in Vienna, and so I quite often use these methods in my work. Accompanying students on their journey to learn German is what makes me happy. I learned German as an adult myself, so I know and can empathise with what my students are struggling with.

On the other hand, I love the rewarding feeling I get when I see my students’ progress as their life in a German-speaking environment get easier and more interesting each time their learn something new. Although many students are intimidated by it, I am inspired by the beauty of German grammar and the expression of happiness in my students’ eyes when they understand it. I help students understand the grammar rules by encouraging them to feel the language, rather than making them learn rules by heart.

At INNES, we treat students as individuals, so they can learn at their own pace and according to their current abilities. I appreciate the friendly and non-complicated working atmosphere, the outstanding teaching materials, and the comfortable environment which allows us to concentrate on clients’ needs and to fully use our knowledge.

When I have some spare time, you can find me in the Auer-Welsbach Park. In summer, there lots of acrobats and artists there training for their performances. Watching them is entertaining and you can meet new and interesting people, and sometimes even try to train with them. You can spend the whole day there people-watching in a hammock and it never gets boring.

We learn better when we are motivated and inspired, so try to find the right motivation for you to make learning German an exciting adventure.


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