Mariela Salchinger
Mariela Salchinger

Mariela Salchinger

“I want to be the key that opens a door to a new world for my students.”

Servus! I’m Mariela and I’ve been a German teacher at INNES since 2021.

I have been teaching German in a variety of settings and countries since 2015, including private language schools, universities, and corporate training programs.

As a language teacher, I get the most satisfaction out of helping my students reach their language targets and seeing their progress and confidence increase over time. I also enjoy the opportunity to share my passion for German words by diving into the world of untranslatable German words and their meaning.

For me, the most important aspect of the teaching process is creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. I incorporate a variety of teaching methods such as visual aids, audio resources, and interactive activities to ensure that all learners connect with the material in a way that suits their learning style. Additionally, I help my students develop practical language skills that they can apply in real-life situations. By using authentic materials and practical exercises, my students build a strong connection between language and reality, which makes learning more meaningful and enjoyable.

I’m constantly motivated by my own language learning experiences. Learning new languages allows me to connect with people from different cultures, explore new ideas, and broaden my own horizons. I want to be the key that opens this door to a new world for my students as well.

At INNES, I’m not just an employee, but a valued and equal partner in the teaching process, and I love that. Everyone here is incredibly supportive and the location of the institute is ideal, as it is easily accessible and situated in a vibrant area of the city. INNES stands out to me for its strong sense of community and its commitment to providing a high-quality language learning experience for all clients.

Some of my favourite spots in Vienna are traditional cafes, especially ‘Alt Wien’ and ‘Hawelka’. These cafés offer an authentic Viennese experience and were once frequented by some of Vienna’s greatest artists and thinkers. I would highly recommend visiting these cafes, as they provide a glimpse into the rich cultural and intellectual history of Vienna.

An amusing Austrian word is ‘Gspusi’. It’s a regional term used to refer to a romantic or sexual relationship between two people who are not in a committed or exclusive partnership. It’s similar to the English term ‘fling’ or ‘situationship’.

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