InterMaths and INNES – A Partnership for Global Education

InterMaths and INNES
A Partnership for Global Education

INNES - InterMaths and INNES partnership

Featuring Prof. Anton Arnold (TU Wien) & International Students

India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, and Ghana – these are the countries represented by 12 ambitious students currently studying in Vienna at TU Wien. What unites them? They are all part of the Erasmus Mundus Program InterMaths. During their stay in Vienna, these aspiring mathematicians are delving into two realms: the world of advanced mathematics and the adventure of learning German. Intriguing combination? This is just the beginning of their fascinating journey.

What is InterMaths? The Gateway into the Future of Mathematics

InterMaths is a prestigious European research and educational project focusing on interdisciplinary mathematics. The primary goal of InterMaths is to develop and establish a joint European Master’s program in mathematics that emphasizes modern mathematical techniques and their applications across various fields. This project aims to foster collaboration between different European universities, providing students with the opportunity to study and conduct research in an international environment, thereby enhancing both their mathematical skills and intercultural competence.

From advanced theoretical mathematics to practical applications across diverse disciplines, InterMaths offers a dynamic platform for students eager to conquer the world of mathematics and innovative thinking.

Professor Anton Arnold and His Role

Professor Anton Arnold from the Vienna University of Technology is a key figure behind this visionary project. As a renowned mathematician and researcher, he significantly contributes to developing the curriculum and course content. His expertise and experience ensure the quality of the InterMaths program, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities in modern mathematical research.

How INNES Enhances the InterMaths Experience

In the exciting world of InterMaths, another partnership enriches the students’ experience and broadens their horizons. INNES Institute Vienna, a renowned institution for German language instruction, plays a crucial role in supporting InterMaths students who come to Vienna to study at TU Wien.
The connection between InterMaths and INNES goes beyond collaboration – it forms a bridge that allows students to master mathematical concepts and discover a new language and culture. Through a tailored German language course, InterMaths participants arriving in Vienna as part of their Erasmus program can enhance their German language skills and seamlessly integrate into their new environment.

Successful Implementation and Ongoing Collaboration

This innovative program was successfully implemented last year, and the collaboration between INNES and TU Wien continues this year. Under the leadership of Professor Anton Arnold, a leading figure behind InterMaths, the program is supervised and further developed to ensure that students make the most of their time in Vienna.

Currently, 12 InterMaths students are enrolled in an A1 German course organized by INNES. The courses take place every Monday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Tuesdays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, led by the experienced instructor Mariela Salchinger.

Thanks to the partnership between InterMaths and INNES, students can not only deepen their mathematical skills but also strengthen their intercultural competence, learn a new language, and experience Vienna. This opportunity allows students to unleash their potential and embark on an exciting journey, enriching both their academic and personal growth.

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