#14 Vladimir Novicic: Crafting Dreams and Delights in Vienna

One Day in Vienna

#14 Vladimir Novicic:

Crafting Dreams and Delights in Vienna

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Originally from Belgrade, Vladimir Novicic embarked on a unique journey upon his arrival in Vienna in 2005. Trained as a veterinarian, he initially aspired to work with small animals. However, he discovered a new path, and together with his wife, he now co-owns and manages a Balkan delicatessen store called MezeSliva in the heart of Vienna. His path led him from treating small animals to transitioning into the food hygiene department, overcoming bureaucratic hurdles along the way. In this episode, Vladimir shares his inspiring story of resilience and determination, illustrating the importance of taking control of one’s destiny and persisting in pursuit of one’s dreams. His experience underscores that Vienna, despite its reputation for grumpiness, can be remarkably accommodating. Imagine arriving in Vienna and realizing that your veterinary studies are exclusively in German, with complex terminology and specialized jargon to navigate. Despite the challenges, Vladimir persevered, mastering the language and finding fascination in the disparity between the sounds of words and their meanings. Join Vladimir on a rollercoaster of emotions as he recounts his day filled with anticipation, waiting, joy, and ultimately, success. Discover how he seamlessly integrated into Vienna’s cultural tapestry and enriched the city with his delectable offerings. In Vladimir’s story, there’s no room for “what ifs” – it’s all about taking action and making things happen.

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