#11 Theresa Allsopp: Vienna – Cultural Mosaic & a City to be Lived in

One Day in Vienna

#11 Theresa Allsopp: Vienna:

Cultural Mosaic & a City to be Lived in

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We are delighted to host Theresa Allsopp as our podcast guest this week. Theresa is a bilingual and bicultural freelance copywriter, fluent in both English and German. Originally from Salisbury, England, she has been living in Vienna, Austria since 2019 and is currently working at the Vienna Business Agency. Thanks to her roots, Theresa possesses a profound understanding of two cultures and languages, along with a deep love for words and communication. Theresa’s journey to Vienna began with her studies in German and Italian. 

After her time abroad, she immediately fell in love with the city and knew she wanted to stay. Captivated by Vienna’s vibrant atmosphere and the sounds of a bustling city, she found endless exploration and discovery in its diverse facets, people, and places (experiencing Vienna’s richness is best done on foot). Despite being bilingual, Theresa chose to study German and occasionally faces challenges with the language. However, she sees language learning as a lifelong process, embracing the daily discovery of new words and nuances. From Theresa’s perspective, German is not only visually captivating but also filled with humor in the way words are strung together, such as ‘Glühbirne’ (glowing pear). A word of advice from Theresa: don’t take the Viennese grumpiness too personally!

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