#7 Soroosh Ghahramanloo: Musical Maestro and Iranian Soul

One Day in Vienna

#7 Soroosh Ghahramanloo:

Musical Maestro and Iranian Soul

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This week, step into the world of Soroosh Ghahramanloo, a talented musician coming from Iran. Arriving in Vienna for the first time in 1983 at the age of 7, during the turmoil of the Iran-Iraq War, Soroosh’s journey was fraught with fears and challenges. However, the decision to seek refuge in Vienna proved life-saving, both for his mother and him. Returning to Vienna in 2023, Soroosh not only found his love, Stephanie, but also faced the complexities of starting anew in a foreign land with only 200 euros in his pocket. At this point, you have to get creative, and being a famous Iranian musician certainly helps… While floating through Vienna, Soroosh discovered solace in places like the enchanting second district with its hidden courtyard trees and Café Katscheli, which soon became his home away from home. Soroosh shares his beautiful story and equally beautiful melodies of his Setar, accompanied by his soulful vocals. Through his music, Soroosh effortlessly captures the beauty of language, conveying different emotions and atmospheres with each note and word. As we explore Vienna through Soroosh’s eyes let’s reflect on the delightful encounters that Vienna has to offer, where every corner holds the potential for unexpected connections, imagine just for a moment where you might have unknowingly crossed paths with people…

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