#13 Manaho Shimokawa: Echoes of Movement in Vienna

One Day in Vienna

#13 Manaho Shimokawa:

Echoes of Movement in Vienna

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Manaho Shimokawa, a Japanese performance artist and dancer, model, and director, has been captivating Vienna since 2010. Manaho moved to Austria with aspirations in ballet, but it wasn’t long before she found her true calling in contemporary and barefoot dance. Accepted into the Konservatorium (MUK), she has been dancing through Vienna for 14 years now. Throughout the ups and downs and the chilly winters of Vienna, Manaho has grown deeply fond of the city and its marvelous spots. Picture this: getting accidentally locked inside the vast halls of the Kunsthistorisches Museum at night, with only the haunting gaze of Rembrandt paintings piercing through the darkness. A bit unsettling, you might think, but what does Manaho do? Exactly – she dances. It’s a moment that transforms the spooky atmosphere into something magical, creating an unforgettable image.

Driven by a curiosity for different cultures, Manaho has dabbled in a wide range of dance styles, from classic to contemporary, Forsythe Technique to Tango. This diverse mix has helped her forge a unique identity as a “Chameleon Dancer” and she combines various movements to create performances that transcend traditional boundaries of art, incorporating elements of theater, poetry, music, film, and painting. Manaho’s adaptability shines through her diverse projects and roles, notably in the upcoming performance at Odeon Theater, “Das große Heft,” an anti-war piece that explores the absurdity of war but also themes of love. Having traveled the world, Vienna has captured her heart as a permanent home for her, her partner, and daughter. She advocates for embracing the city with open eyes and an open heart, engaging with its people beyond the initial surface of grumpiness to discover a warm and genuine community. For Manaho, embracing a new language and culture is a dance outside one’s comfort zone, but one that is ultimately rewarding.

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