#21 Lauren Löw: The Many Faces of Vienna. A Journey through the City of Surprises

One Day in Vienna

#21 Lauren Löw:

The Many Faces of Vienna. A Journey through the City of Surprises

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This week, join us for an exciting episode as we turn the tables on our usual host, Lauren Löw, and delve into her captivating journey through Vienna. In a delightful twist, Lauren, known for her charming and humorous demeanor, finds herself in the hot seat as Mitar, the founder of INNES, takes on the role of the interviewer.

Lauren, a designer hailing from the UK, has called Vienna home since 2008. Married with two children, she is the proud owner of the jewelry label “Heirs”. Not only that, but her sister is also an entrepreneur with a small café, and in her early twenties Lauren moved to Vienna to assist her in its establishment.

Initially, Lauren’s love for Vienna was not immediate, arriving during a cold, dark November – a tough transition. However, her sentiments have since transformed, and she now adores the city with all its diverse facets, opportunities, and dialects.

Tune in to hear Lauren regale us with her quirky and amusing tales, including unexpected encounters that paint a vivid picture of her experiences. It’s as if you were right there with her on that cold November day in 2008, when an unknown lady suddenly appeared in her apartment…

Strange interactions are not uncommon in Vienna, but “strange” doesn’t always imply negativity. One thing is for sure – there’s never a dull moment in this city, brimming with diverse characters and unique locations, as we learn in this beautiful episode with Lauren.

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