#19 Ian Huang: A Singaporean’s Guide to the Viennese Good Life

One Day in Vienna

#19 Ian Huang:

A Singaporean’s Guide to the Viennese Good Life

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Meet Ian Huang, an audio engineer from Singapore who moved to Vienna in 2021. Seeking a less stressful environment to raise their children, Ian and his wife decided to leave the bustling life of Singapore. After a “pit stop” in Germany, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, where Ian spent some time as a stay-at-home dad, they chose Vienna — a city they had never visited but saw as full of opportunities. Vienna, with its rich cultural landscape and vibrant spots like the Naschmarkt, a blend of cultures, food, and bustling flea markets, offered a unique charm and captivated them. It’s also a fantastic place for families, with numerous opportunities to explore nature and enjoy family-friendly activities. While adjusting to the infamous Viennese “Grant” (grumpiness) was challenging at first, Ian shares how he came to see it as just part of the local charm, sometimes even as a game. Tune in to hear Ian’s fascinating journey from Singapore to Vienna, his insights on adapting to a new culture, and his favorite family-friendly spots in and around the city. Don’t miss his unique perspective on life as an expat in Vienna!

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