#10 Gregory Weeks: Unraveling Vienna’s Historical Tapestry

One Day in Vienna

#10 Gregory Weeks:

Unraveling Vienna’s Historical Tapestry

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Join us for an insightful journey with this week’s guest, Gregory Weeks, originally from the USA, who has called Vienna home since 1995. Gregory is deeply passionate about contemporary history, in which he holds a doctorate. While Vienna thrives in the present, its rich history offers a compelling backdrop, especially for a historian like Gregory. Also, navigating Viennese culture isn’t complete without regular visits to traditional coffeehouses like the Bräunerhof, where locals gather to fuel their days. From exploring historic places and figures to delving into Middle High German and Viennese literature, Gregory immerses himself in the city’s cultural heritage, enriching his understanding of its past and present. It was during a humorous Culture Clash incident at the Police Office that he learned firsthand to tread carefully not to infringe on local customs. One better not dip into the tips of Viennese locals…

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