#18 Gergö Fazekas: A Global Odyssey to Vienna’s Heart

One Day in Vienna

#18 Gergö Fazekas:

A Global Odyssey to Vienna’s Heart

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Meet Gergö Fazekas, an expert in international communication and co-founder of MajorDesign – a collective of professional communication, media, and graphic designers. Originally from Hungary, Gergö’s journey led him from diplomatic missions for the Hungarian Foreign Ministry across Europe and North Africa to Vienna, where he’s resided with his wife and now three kids since 2013.

Drawn by Vienna’s rich cultural landscape and its proximity to Hungary, Gergö saw many opportunities in the city for both his family and his firm, collaborating with numerous Hungarian and international artists. However, settling into Vienna wasn’t without its culture clashes, despite his beautiful childhood memories of the city. He humorously recounts stories from inviting four neighbors for dinner, leading to some awkward encounters, to navigating Viennese coffee house culture during his time as a waiter. Particularly fond of the authenticity and coziness of Viennese coffee houses, Gergö gained insights into both coffee and people. His favorite spots overall are where people of all ages and backgrounds converge, embodying the city’s dynamic spirit.

Additionally, Gergö honestly acknowledges the challenges of learning German, especially with its dialects throughout the country, but finds solace in the whimsical quirks of the language. Join us und Explore Vienna’s cultural treasures through Gergö’s eyes.

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