#17 Ester Sökjer-Petersen: From Grape to Glass. Vienna Scenes with the Sommelier

One Day in Vienna

#17 Ester Sökjer-Petersen:

From Grape to Glass. Vienna Scenes with the Sommelier

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Another week, another episode. This time with Ester Sökjer-Petersen from Malmö, Sweden. Ester has been living in Vienna since 2019, where she works as a sommelier. Turning 30 can be tricky, but Ester’s bold move to Vienna was driven by a desire for change.

However, her arrival was met with the infamous “Viennese grumpiness,” which, at times, can be quite disheartening, especially when directed towards foreigners, making Ester’s initially sunny One Day in Vienna a memorable yet not-so-pleasant experience – perhaps a gentle reminder of the importance of kindness towards others. Nevertheless, Ester’s resilient spirit prevailed, guided by the principle of treating others as she wishes to be treated.

Ester speaks German very well – just imagine having to describe wine nuances in another language – it’s quite impressive. But writing can sometimes be a bit challenging – all those cases in German are simply a hassle. However, the more and the faster you learn and speak German, the quicker the “settling in” process in Vienna.

Join Ester on her podcast episode as she shares fantastic tips on coffee, pizza, wine, and swimming spots in Vienna. Tune in, take notes, and experience Vienna through Ester’s expert-expat recommendations.

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