#6 Blake Sclanders: Love, melodies and unity

One Day in Vienna

#6 Blake Sclanders:

Love, melodies and unity

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Moving to a new city, let alone a new country or continent, poses countless challenges. Yet, having someone by your side who not only supports you but also endeavors to make the experience as enriching as possible, that’s when the magic happens. In our latest episode, Blake Sclanders, originally from South Africa, shares his heartwarming love story and his growing fondness for Vienna amidst the trials of relocation. A seasoned aviation expert, Blake has been in a relationship with his husband for 21 years now. For his 40th birthday, his husband orchestrated a memorable celebration in Vienna’s 7th district. Every detail, tailored specifically to Blake, was a thoughtful gesture that eased the transition of his move and exemplified true love. Blake appreciates Vienna’s inclusive atmosphere, including the LGBTQIA+ scene, places like Café Savoy, and as a vinyl enthusiast, Blake is always on the hunt for treasures in Vienna’s second-hand and antique stores. Despite initial reservations about Vienna’s structured nature, Blake has grown to love the city’s sense of security and tranquility, especially compared to his experiences in Africa. And let’s not forget his hilarious encounters with Austrian dialects – learning to roll with phrases like ‘A Tschick’ has been part of the fun. Join us for laughs, love, and a glimpse into Vienna’s charm with Blake.

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