#16 Anastassia Solomonova: Surprising Encounters and Urban Wonders

One Day in Vienna

#16 Anastassia Solomonova:

Surprising Encounters and Urban Wonders

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Anastassia Solomonova from Moscow, Russia, owner of a language travel agency and the official representative of the University of the Arts, London is our guest this week and has been in Vienna since 2020. Her journey to Vienna was driven by love – during a trip to the city, she “accidentally” met the love of her life. While her relationship with her husband blossomed quickly, her bond with the city took a bit more time to form. But it did, and over time, she seamlessly transitioned into the role of a local, offering insider insights herself and residing in a quintessential Viennese “Altbau”. Anastassia’s narrative also vividly portrays Vienna as a city of perpetual surprises and endless fascination – it never gets boring – whether with international politicians or with oversized animals in the park…

Although she humorously refers to her German skills as “Supermarket German,” she even understands the Austrian dialect very well and is quite a Pro in pronouncing it. Her favorite events – and at the same time, a good tip for other expats – ranging from exhibition openings at the Albertina to Poetry Reading Evenings and diverse music gatherings, underscore Vienna’s diverse cultural landscape and possibilities. Subscribing to newsletters from various cultural centers ensures one remains abreast of the city’s vibrant cultural scene. Keep your eyes open and relax, like Anastassia.

Anastassia’s insights prompt intriguing discussions. She feels that Viennese people are consistently punctual, especially compared to people from Moscow. Is punctuality a common trait among people in Vienna? And while many say it takes time to feel comfortable here, the payoff is well worth it?

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