#4 Alexandra Thompson: Viennas Metamorphosis, Falco and Schlagobers

One Day in Vienna

#4 Alexandra Thompson:

Viennas Metamorphosis,
Falco and Schlagobers

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In our upcoming episode, we sit down with the fascinating Alexandra Thompson, a performer and photographer who made the leap from the sunny realms of Beverly Hills to Vienna. With a Hollywood background as the daughter of a producer and an actress, she originally came to Vienna for love and has called this city home for over four decades now. Arriving with two young children, acclimating to the cold, gray Vienna of the 1980s was no easy feat. However, over time, she appreciates the cultural richness and diversity of the city – and Falco helped a little bit too… Working at Nesterval Theater, Alexandra now delivers her roles in German, a testament to her dedication and integration into Viennese life. Nesterval, an immersive theater company that thrives on creativity and a touch of the unusual, and Alexandra as an active part in it, they together leave an indelible mark on Vienna’s cultural scene. Throughout her journey, Alexandra got pushed out of her comfort zone but through that she blossomed, made new friendships that last a lifetime, and witnessed Vienna’s evolution over the decades. Join Alexandra as she shares her experiences, from navigating the city’s changes to finding solace in the simple joys like the taste of Schlagobers, proving that sometimes, words truly do reflect reality. Witness Vienna come alive through Alexandra’s eyes.

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