the art of
learning German

You’re here to learn German.
We get you there.

We give amazing teachers and simplified high-end service.

You get more time to do what you love, with the people you love, in

Vienna – the city we all love.

We know you are busy. Yet you choose to learn German and for that, we applaud you. Go for it!

It is our job to make sure that your full focus and energy go to what’s important – learning German. 

That’s why we:

  • Efficient Learning: Our refined processes aim to maximize the effectiveness of your study time.
  • Focused Environment: Dive deep into the German language in our carefully crafted study spaces.
  • Ready Resources: All materials are tailored and set for you, ensuring you have everything you need.
  • Service Excellence: Every aspect of our school is designed with your learning experience in mind.

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Find the best German language course in Vienna

Reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Private, flexible, and all only about you.

Fit your learning around your schedule.

Let’s bring your curriculum to life in Vienna.

Tailor-made German and English courses for your company.

You need German language for university – we’re here to help.

A frequent question we hear is, “Where do I stand with my German skills?”

No worries! Our free online Level Test is tailored to pinpoint your exact course level.

stands for experience

It stands for perfected teaching methods.
It stands for qualified teachers, professional, expat staff, and the desire to always become better.


We take teaching seriously.
Ourselves? Not so much.

At INNES, you will find a learning space which is academic and professional, yet friendly and individual.
Here, students get the benefit of increased personal interaction with their teachers, so they can expect a more personalized learning journey and thus faster progress in their German proficiency.

how to sign up for a course?

  1. Go to the sign up button on the top of this page or click here.
  2. Choose a course/ level for you (need help? Get in touch!)
  3. Add another course to get a discount (optional).
  4. Pay for the course (easy online payment – credit card, PayPal, iDeal).

Want to know your level before you book the course? No worries – just complete our free online Level Test to accurately assess which group you should be in.

why innes

Our clients are just like you: expat professionals who want the best out of life.

You are busy, so we simplify, clarify, and ease the process. We take care of the formalities – all you need to do is arrive ready to learn.

We are trusted by our well-known, well-respected partners.

A central location with excellent transport links.

Cultural immersion and practical use of the language – we teach German for life, not for an exam.

Highly-qualified, professional teachers and proven methodology.

We hire the best teachers in Vienna and make your learning

experience easy and enjoyable as a stroll in a park.


How do I know my language level? What if I choose the wrong level?

Don’t worry, we’re always here to help! When you sign up and pay for the course, you’ll receive our German Level Test.

Alternatively, you can complete the Level Test before booking your course, just to be on the safe side.

You can also message us directly before signing up and we’ll help you determine your level.

Do you have loyalty programs and

Of course, we do! You can save money when signing up for multiple courses at once or by referring a friend. Find out more about our discounts.

Can you write me an invitation letter to the embassy?

Yes, we can. You can read more on how we can help you out with your visa here.

more questions?

We have more answers – they’re here.