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Gaby Thomson

Gaby Thomson

“I find it refreshing and exhilarating to be around others.”

Grüß Gott, and welcome to INNES! I’m Gabriele, but everyone calls me Gaby. I’ve been teaching at INNES since 2019  but have been a teacher since 1990.

Teaching is my lifelong passion. Early on, I was fascinated by languages, and I enjoyed passing my knowledge on to other people. I studied English as a Foreign Language then did a doctorate in Translation Studies. During my doctorate, I spent a lot of time in front of a computer translating texts and I really missed connecting with people over languages. My affinity for teaching was confirmed when I taught the piano and recorder in music schools – I enjoyed dealing with people who were eager to learn, and I was able to help them improve their knowledge. I still find it refreshing and exhilarating to be around others.

I moved to England (and I actually lived there for 29 years), but obviously couldn’t teach English as a foreign language there, so I began teaching German. From that moment on, I’ve always worked as a German teacher. For me, teaching German is much more enjoyable than teaching English because it’s my mother tongue. Plus, I have learnt so much more about my own language by teaching and passing it on to other people.

This, along with meeting kind students, is what I enjoy most about my job as a German language teacher. I also like explaining grammar to students – yes, even the tricky parts! It’s very rewarding to see students grow and become more confident.

The teaching process can be complex, so for me it is crucial to explain everything to the students in a logical way that makes sense to them. Then, I see how they take everything on board and work with all the concepts that they are shown. It’s all worth it when I get to laugh with my students, have stimulating conversations with them, and get to the bottom of how they think and where they come from. These moments are what inspire me to teach.

At INNES, it feels like being in a kind of family. People know each other and work well together, and the classrooms are pleasant, light, and clean.

My favourite German word? Hmm, probably ‘verwordagelt’. It is an adjective to describe something out of shape, not in good order, or not looking quite right.


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