#23 Denise Jardim: Movielike Moments. Locked in Vienna’s Dreamscape

One Day in Vienna

#23 Denise Jardim:

Movielike Moments. Locked in Vienna’s Dreamscape

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Meet Denise Jardim, a talented make-up artist from Brazil who made Vienna her home in 2014. Denise moved to Vienna for love and now enjoys life in the Austrian capital with her husband and two children. She adores the city for its beautiful blend of urban charm and surrounding nature, from vineyards and “Heurige” to zoos and parks.

In this episode, Denise shares her amusing adventures, including the time she got locked in the Lainzer Tiergarten after losing track of time. Is it the enchanting beauty of Vienna or the early closing times to blame? You’ll hear about cinematic moments and interesting culture clashes, such as the prevalence of public nudity in saunas and sunbathing areas, the wonderful privilege of Viennese tap water, and the local habit of giving babies sweet animal names.

Tune in for a delightful and entertaining episode of One Day in Vienna, and be sure to check out our beautiful guest Denise’s stunning make-up looks on Instagram.

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